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               HOT DEALS.......                           HOT DEALS.......                          HOT DEALS....... 

Apacs Lethal 6 + 
Flex Power Revamp 201 

No Strings and Grips 
RM139 / USD45 

Apacs EdgeSaber 10 + 
Flex Power Revamp 305 

No Strings and Grips 
RM135 / USD44 

Fleet Ace Saber FT + 
Apacs Finapi 80 

No Strings and Grips 
RM159 / USD52 

Head Graphene Neon

Old Price: RM385/ USD115
Now: RM298 / USD87

Prince Nexus Red + 
Flex Power NT Z-Speed 

No Strings and Grips 
RM269 / USD88 

Carlton Viper 9.5 + 
Flex Power Furore 9 

No Strings and Grips 
RM395 / USD129 

Dunlop Bio Revelation 125

Old Price: RM295/ USD96
Now: RM250/ USD81
Limited Time Only

Tecnifibre Carboflex 130

Old Price: RM339/ USD110
Now: RM300/ USD97
Limited Time Only


Asics Gel Blast 6

Old Price: RM398/ USD126
Now: RM348/ USD110
Limited Units Only

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